Lucas Lind
is a designer based in NYC.

Harlem Fields

“In the city as an aggregated object, every building provides the access, the construction and the ground for the next building. Like every room in Alberti’s house, every building defines the condition of the next. In such a city we cannot distinguish between ground and figure, common and individual space, solid and void. When the architectural object becomes both figure and ground, the city becomes and aggregated object, an object unified by the buildings performing as grounds and figures.”1

A housing proposal for a low-rise but dense field of interactions where figure/ground and mass/void oscillate. It proposes an assembly of high density slabs that respond to and reshape their urban context. It re-imagines the edge of the city as a field of interaction, repetition and communalism that leads to new urbanisms, communities and possibilities.

1Trummer, Peter. “The City as an Object: Thoughts on the Form of the City.” Log 27 (New York: Anyone Corporation, 2013) 57.

Professor: Rafi Segal.